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Year 10s discover the world of work

19 July 2021  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

Year 10 students have all been working on Morrisby Careers, a new careers platform for students. It is a research tool to help secondary school students discover the world of work and pathways forward. Simple yet powerful assessments match students’ individual interests and preferences to specific careers and courses, analysing results against more than 600 careers. It supports students to make informed choices at key academic decision points such as options at age 16.

Year 10 students are also working on Unifrog which further supports careers education. Students can research post-16 options including apprenticeships and explore further and higher education.

Students have their own logins for Morrisby and Unifrog and can log in at home if parents would like to have a look too. Find out more at MORRISBY CAREERS and UNIFROG

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