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Statutory entitlement to free travel assistance for students aged 16 to 18 ceases once the student has completed compulsory education in Year 11.

Transport assistance is provided for students to enable them to access Post 16 education at an appropriate Sixth Form or further education college designated to serve the area where a student lives. Transport will be offered to eligible students in return for a contribution towards the cost of this transport.

Post-16 Paid Travel Permits
This is a scheme run by North Yorkshire County Council that provides subsidised assistance with transport for eligible students aged 16-19 years (18 years at the start of your course). Applications can be made online at any time but should be submitted before 31st July in order to receive a pass before the start of term.

Full details can be viewed by following this link to the Council’s website.

It is recommended that all students who think they meet the eligibility criteria for a post-16 paid travel permit contact the post-16 transport team on 01609 532363 or as soon as possible prior to seeking a place to travel on college transport.

Richmond School and Sixth Form College Replacement Bus Services
The post-16 paid travel permit scheme also applies to those students who wish to travel on the College’s replacement bus services including the RS1 Bedale Bus, RS2 Northallerton and Catterick Bus, and RS3 Wensleydale Bus. Full details of these services can be found on the link below.

New or In-Year Replacement Bus Application 2023-24

16-19 Bursary Fund
The 16-19 bursary fund exists to help students complete their course where they would otherwise be prohibited from doing so on financial grounds. Please visit the Financial Support page

The majority of students applying to the fund request support for travel costs and the school has agreed to meet the cost of a post-16 paid travel permit for these students.

Students eligible for a post-16 travel permit that also qualify for funding from the 16-19 bursary fund should notify the school of their transport arrangements as soon as possible. This will enable the school to liaise with the post-16 transport team to organise payment for the permit on your behalf.


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