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Independent Learning & Homework

Homework is work that is set to be done outside of the timetabled curriculum. It contains an element of independent study in that it is not supervised by a teacher and is important in raising student achievement. We offer an after-school homework club for students who require more guidance or require a laptop or a quiet place to work.

We wish every student to achieve their full potential. Both homework and independent study support student progress and are a very important part of the learning process. Homework enhances student learning, improves achievement and develops students' study skills and, as such, is an integral part of the curriculum. All homework is recorded in the student planner with space for parents and tutors to sign every week in order to monitor and support their children with homework.


Richmond School and Sixth Form College uses Google Classroom to support teaching and learning. Google Classroom is used to support home learning, which contains an element of independent study in that it is not usually directly supervised by a teacher and it represents an extension of the learning opportunities provided in school.

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