transition to year 7

"I can't wait a year, I want to go now!" We could not put it better ourselves, these are the words of a Year 6 student at our last open evening.

It is a big step moving to secondary school and we do everything possible to support students through this new chapter of their lives. It is natural to feel a little nervous as the anticipation and excitement builds. We know it can be daunting as the school is a big place, but it is something to be excited about rather than worried about. Being big means that we offer a packed programme of experiences. Students will be spoilt for choice and we guarantee that they will discover new interests.


We have created a FILM that shows students as they transition from primary school to Richmond School. From as early as Year 1, we work with our feeder schools to introduce students to life at “big school”. This helps them familiarise themselves with the layout of the buildings, meet some of the teachers and their future peers. The film goes on to show more about life at Richmond School from our high-quality curriculum and extra-curricular offer, our work in the community to our excellent facilities. It also highlights student leadership activities, exceptional careers support, our alumni network and our thriving Sixth Form College.


We hope this will give you a glimpse of the many opportunities we offer our primary students, including school visits and taking part in a range of activities to develop their confidence, forge new friendships and get to know our staff, so they feel at home when they arrive in September. Please don’t miss our Extra-curricular and Enrichment Film that features our students having fun at our packed programme of after-school activities and clubs. You can also enjoy our Drone Tour for a bird's eye tour of Richmond School and Sixth Form College.


For a comprehensive view of life at Richmond School, please enjoy browsing through our PROSPECTUS.  If you do have any questions, please get in touch by email at


transition timetable - year 6 to year 7

OPEN EVENING: an informative,interactive and inspiring event for Year 6 students and their families.September
A WIDE RANGE OF VISITS: opportunities to take part in sport, science, music and maths events throughout the year.October – June
WE VISIT YOU: Ms Johnson and current Year 7 students visit feeder schools for Year 6 students to ask questions and get an overview of life at school.Spring Term
MEET YOUR TUTOR: students and their parents are invited to visit to meet their tutor.July
INDUCTION DAYS: students visit for three days, a great opportunity to forge friendships, find their way around and get a feel for life at school.July
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