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pastoral care

We know that for students to really excel, they need to feel entirely safe and receive the best-possible care. The standards of behaviour across the school are extremely high, reflecting a culture in which students are calm, relaxed and eager to learn. This creates a positive environment in which students genuinely feel happy and cared for.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our pastoral care - although we are a big school, we consider ourselves to be a big 'family' in which students are 'known' for who they are, what their interests are and their dreams and aspirations.

Our tutor groups form the basic 'family unit'. Students join a tutor group when they start at Richmond and remain with the tutor group and the same tutor until the end of Year 11. New tutor groups are created in Sixth Form. The tutor is the in-school 'parent' for the students and acts as an immediate point of contact for parents.

Each year group has a dedicated Head of Year - a teaching member of staff who offers support and maintains an overview of all the students in that year group in terms of their behaviour, attendance and well-being. Additionally we also have 2 Pastoral Officers with high levels of pastoral expertise.

Sometimes, students and families experience more trying times and Mrs Macey, our Home School Support Worker, offers a highly-supportive extra level of care if needed.

We also have close links with a wide network of external agencies who support students more directly with specific issues, such as: Early Help, Children and Young People's Services, Police, CAMHS, Young Carers and bereavement support.

Richmond School is proud to be part of SCISS, an affiliation of schools in England that have Service children on roll. The aim is to champion the education and wellbeing of Service children so that they achieve the best possible outcomes. For further information please visit

Thirty-one members of our staff were once students here and took the decision to re-join the school. We really believe this adds to the 'family feel' in the school and helps to maintain the very positive links we have with the community.

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