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Students share their interest in history

13 July 2021  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

Jack Riddlestone, in Year 10, was really impressed to read in the school newsletter about Myles Fairhurst’s film,‘The Lost Soldier’, and how he was recently given some fabulous World War 1 artefacts by PC Sean Godfrey.  Jack is also very passionate about history and has his own collection of artefacts, which he brought in to show Myles.

Jack said: ““It was a pleasure to speak to someone of a young age and with such an interest in history like myself. My love for history all started when I used to collect and build tank models. Because I loved the look of tank models, I asked questions about them and it grew to the point where I now collect artefacts and ree-nact WW1 up to the Vietnam war. When I heard about Myles in the newsletter, I knew we would have a lot in common, and that we did.

Myles is a collector and re-enactor in the making like I was when I was around his age, so I thought I would bring some items from my own personal collection to show him. When I showed him half of my collection pieces he already knew what they were and I was very impressed about his knowledge of history! I even brought in a reproduction SBR (small box respirator) gas mask to give him a demonstration of how it was worn and later we went outside where I tested out an original WW1 trench whistle. I hope others take after Myles in the way he respects and loves history which we need these days.”

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