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Year 12 students encouraged to study a ‘MOOC’ to boost their UCAS applications

20 April 2020  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

MOOCs are online courses available to anyone with a computer and internet connection. They offer students a way to learn in a setting similar to an online class, but are structured and can be accessed without paying tuition or committing to a lengthy academic programme of study.

MOOCs are a great way to develop skills and knowledge and to enhance learning. They can be added to personal statements to demonstrate commitment to a topic, and also show that a student has gone the extra mile reading around their subject.

MOOCs are seeing a resurgence in 2020. They originated in the USA in 2008 when Havard and MIT launched a platform for education and learning called edX. Their first MOOC attracted 155,000 students worldwide!

MOOCs are a great way for our students to gain a taster of university study from home.

Unifrog is really helpful with a search tool for matching each student to a MOOC:

Examples of MOOCs that Year 12 students are either researching or studying at the moment are Law, Psychology, Marketing and Management, Business and Finance, Animal Science, Film and Theatre, Criminal Justice, Personality, and Natural History Illustration.

Ms Mannion, Careers Leader said: “It is great that students are engaging with MOOCs while working from home.  It gives students a chance to get a head start in their chosen field. MOOCs are a great addition to a personal statement or job application.”

Ms Johnson, Assistant Headteacher, added: “Studying a MOOC can really help boost a student’s UCAS application, as well as providing a valuable opportunity to undertake independent study and research – a highly relevant skill in the current climate.”

If any student cannot find the perfect MOOC, please email Ms Mannion on for advice and guidance.

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