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Year 11 students aim high at GCSE athletics assessment

04 November 2020  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

As a part of the GCSE PE course, students are required to be assessed practically in a number of sports. In ordinary circumstances, students would be assessed in three practical sports, including one which must be a team sport, and one which must be individual. The third can be either a team or individual sport. This year, because of COVID, students will be assessed in two activities which can both be team or individual.

The course allows students to be assessed in a variety of sports, which they would not cover in their PE lessons. This is one of the great aspects of the GCSE PE course as it enables a high proportion of students each year to be assessed in sports that they passionately train for outside of school. This year students have submitted evidence for equestrian events, skiing, dancing, gymnastics, and rugby league, plus other disciplines.

Every year, a large number of GCSE PE students are assessed in athletics, where they must compete in two different events. Having already filmed the majority of their skills progressions, as a part of their PE lessons, our Year 11 cohort headed to Eastbourne Sports Complex, in Darlington, to secure the necessary competition footage.

The students conducted themselves fantastically on the day and showed what a superb group they are. They behaved impeccably, encouraging their peers as well as showing some real grit and determination in order to try and gain the best marks possible for their GCSE. Some students also demonstrated their maturity and teamwork by competing in events that they weren’t to be assessed in to make the competition such a success.

Thanks to Mr Moore, Mrs Southgate, Mrs Carruthers, Mr Potter and Miss Webster for making all the arrangements for the event, encouraging and cheering the students on and ensuring all the evidence was captured.

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