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Year 11 Drama students create stunning costume designs

17 January 2022  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in: ,

Our Year 11 students have been working incredibly hard for their Component 2: Devised Theatre assessment, which took place just before Christmas.  An important aspect of their work is the costume design and we were delighted to catch up with Theodora, Sarah and Alice, who created the concepts for their pieces.

Theodora said: “The play I designed my costume for was named “The Seven Deadly Sins”. The play was about a simulation in which people from different social classes react to the Seven Sins and I designed the costume for the sin ‘lust’. My inspiration came from the idea of lust being associated with the colour red and roses, then realising that red could mean bad for example blood and death but also good like romance and the roses meaning fragility and also linking with romance. This is why the costume has two different types of red. Later, I linked the corset with the idea of sensuality and sexual desire, which led me to accomplish my final design. Even though it was a stressful experience it was also a fun one. I got to spend a lot of time with the actors and loved hearing their personal opinions about the work in progress and the final costume design.”

Mr Birdsall, Drama Teacher, said: “I was so impressed with the costumes that Theodora, Sarah and Alice designed and created entirely on their own. The students worked closely with the actors in their group and had 30 lessons to come up with their concept and create the finished costume. Their attention to detail was amazing and their costumes really helped bring the drama pieces to life and give them greater context.  They should be very proud of their achievements.”

Pictured, from left to right: Sarah (designer), Lydia, Theodora (designer), Maisie, Sophia and Alice (designer)

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