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Year 10s star in Junior Olympiad Physics Challenge

19 June 2020  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

Twenty Year 10 students recently took part in the Junior Physics Challenge and achieved impressive results. It is one of seven competitions organised by the British Physics Olympiad (BPHO), and this is the first year we have entered our Year 10 students.

Over 5,000 students, from 100 schools, took part in this year’s challenge. Fifty percent of our students achieved a Gold or Silver award, which is significantly above the national average of 37%.

The competition was open to all students in Year 10 and consisted of two twenty-five minute online multiple choice papers. The BPHO, hosted by the University of Oxford, is a charitable trust set up to engage and challenge students of all abilities in Physics. Due to lockdown, the competition (which would normally take place in a supervised classroom) had to be moved online in students’ homes. The 20 students joined a bespoke Google Classroom, which contained all the information for accessing the competition to enable them to take part in the Physics Challenge.

“I am so proud of all the students who took part as they were doing this in their own time, under very challenging circumstances. They were also limited to when we were able to access the papers as I had to unlock all the papers for them at various times, as well as having to navigate a new website. They were all amazing and kept in touch via email so we could deal with any issues as they arose. I am particularly impressed with how they handled themselves during the challenge, and of the awards they have received” Mrs Harrison.

Emma Scott, Year 10 student, added: “The Physics challenge was quite different to usual work as it had a large amount of general Physics knowledge and I found that it was refreshing. There was a good mix of questions with a range of difficulty that I found challenging, but within reach. Some questions featured concepts that we had covered in class which was helpful as revision and others were related to concepts we had covered but in relation to different examples which was helpful as it made me adapt my knowledge. When I found out I had achieved a gold award I was very surprised because Science has never been my strongest subject and it was a great confidence booster for my GCSEs next year.”

The event will run again next year, along with Senior Physics Challenge for Year 12 and the Physics Challenge for Year 13.

Well done to all the students who took part and we are delighted to share photographs of some of them proudly showing their certificates.

Congratulations to: Adam Button, Jocie Daly, Joshua Kind, James Abel-Smith, Nathan Abel-Smith, Danielle Smith, Evie Farnell, Charles Bacon, Eve Pyatt, Matthew Heyes, Isobel Brooks, Owen Miller, Henry Banks, Peter Longstaff, James Slater, Evie Schmidt, Sid Rye, Bella Hesp, Cora Aked and Emma Scott.

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