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Year 10 students offered THE BIG DEAL!

30 March 2020  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

Our Year 9 and 10 students have been offered a great opportunity by the University of York to help them develop useful business skills.  THE BIG DEAL ONLINE is an activity that invites students to work on a business plan and this will include managing finances and market research.   Support will be provided by the University of York and students will have until 29th June 2020 to submit business plans.

We are very sorry that the  Year 10 work experience programme cannot go ahead this year, however this initiative by the University of York offers our students the chance to improve their business skills.  We have contacted all Year 9 and 10 students to urge them to sign up for THE BIG DEAL before the deadline of Friday 3rd April.

All participating students will be awarded a Big Deal Completion Kit, with additional awards for engagement, top-quality business plans and outstanding reflections on the entrepreneurial journey. Awards include books, hoodies, iPads and AirPod headphones – and much more.

They will embark on an entrepreneurial journey to create a unique and innovative business plan for a product, business or social enterprise. The Big Deal is an exciting challenge for students to take part completely online. They will explore their potential, use their creativity, develop their skills, join a community of business professionals and students across the country, and see how their great ideas can become reality.

We hope many of our students sign up for this scheme and we look forward to reporting on the students’ work in the summer.

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