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Women’s safety assembly

07 May 2021  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

Following the reporting of the death of Sarah Everard, a small group of sixth form students came to see Miss Byrom to ask if they could cover the issue of women’s safety in an assembly. They were keen that their peers should be made aware of the statistics relating to crimes against women, as well as thinking about what they could do to bring about a safer environment for women.

Miss Byrom put the assembly together which you can view HERE. She tried to suggest small, but effective ways in which we can all try to promote a safer and healthier culture regarding attitudes to women.

Miss Byrom, Lead Learning Manager, said: “We can all play our small part in raising awareness of women’s safety. The assembly was particularly relevant to the older students, who may be starting to enjoy more freedom and more active social lives, as lockdown restrictions ease. I also wanted to alert sixth formers, who will soon be heading off to university, about the need to stay safe in less familiar surroundings and with less well-known friends.

“The message really was that we all need to look after each other, as well as being willing to challenge inappropriate comments within our friendship or family settings.”

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