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Eighteen Year 11 students, who were mostly service students, took part in a revision session led by York St John University.

The session was a follow-up event from a Summer School visit to the university in July 2022 which was led by Education Outreach Coordinator, Ebony Moreno who was accompanied by student ambassador Aimee Harrison.  The summer school was a two-night residential where students stayed in university accommodation and took part in taster lectures with university academics, social activities and sport as well as free time in York city centre to get a taste of university life.

The morning revision session allowed the students to reflect on their latest set of PPEs, look at their revision habits and review their mental and physical health at the time. Students looked at common misconceptions with PPEs, the purpose of them and considered their mindset and viewpoints of exams.

In the afternoon, the students reviewed revision techniques such as flashcards and the pomodoro technique. This was a great help in planning ahead to their next set of PPE exams to create a revision timetable to utlilise their time effectively to help them succeed in their PPEs, their summer exams and to reach their next goals.

Mr Birdsall, Service Children’s Advocate, said: “The Students were very engaged in the session and responded to Ebony and Aimee very well. They were honest about their approach to their PPEs and revision habits and were able to plan effectively for their upcoming PPEs and summer exams. It was lovely to see students take their reflection and planning seriously in preparation for their GCSE examinations.  I look forward to taking our Year 10 students to York St John in July for the next Summer School.”

Mr Birdsall shared an example of a revision timetable which showed the students that free time and any sporting activities could still fit amongst independent learning outside of schooling hours and that revision doesn’t have to be a chore.  If Year 11 students would like a copy of the revision timetable to adapt for themselves then please click here. 

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