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Tune in to listen to a superb line up of key speakers from Speakers for Schools

28 April 2020  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in: ,

Speakers for Schools come into Richmond Sixth Form each year to talk to Year 12 students. This year they are offering free livestreamed talks from some of the UK’s leading figures. Students can hear masterclasses and interviews from speakers from across: business, arts, academia, media and more.

The talks may be of interest to all Richmond School students so please do take a look at the schedule of talks here and you’ll discover a host of inspiring speakers from some interesting and diverse backgrounds. All you need to do is log on to the talk and listen!  After each talk, there is a feedback form for students to complete.

A recent talk was with the actor, David Morrissey. David is well known for a variety of TV roles, including State of Play, Blackpool, The Walking Dead, The Missing and Britannia. David worked with the RSC and the National Theatre for many years, and returned to his home town of Liverpool in 2011 to perform in Macbeth at the Everyman Theatre. He went on to perform in the critically acclaimed play Hangmen in 2015-2016. In 2018 he performed in Julius Caesar at The Bridge Theatre.

David reflected on his career and said that when he first told his parents he wanted to be an actor, he may as well have said “I want to be an astronaut”.  He talked about his career highlights to date, and how, like many actors, he lives in fear of being found out (that he can’t really act!). David also said his favourite part of the creative process is the read-through before a film or TV production starts when you get to know all the team members and other actors.

Ms Mannion, Careers Leader said “David’s talk was brilliant and so inspiring for students. David said that he has faced many challenges in his professional career but never before an online talk to students!”

Christabel Williams from Speakers for School said “We are so pleased that you and your students are enjoying and engaging with our Virtual Talks. David’s was the most attended so far and we received so many thoughtful questions from the audience.”

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