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Congratulations to Tilda Whent, in Year 9 who has achieved a place in the prestigious CAT dance programme at Dance City, in Newcastle.  Tilda was talented spotted during a workshop which Dance City hosted at Richmond School earlier in the year and has recently  completed dance workshops at Dance City for contemporary and street dance. After the first stage of auditions, Tilda was invited back for a second round and interviews for both dance styles. She was thrilled to be awarded places for both. Tilda has decided to pursue the street dance place and will start her training at Dance City, which will be a minimum of seven hours each week, including every weekend.

Tilda has always loved to dance and as a child she attended theatre dance classes for a number of years. However, during lockdown, she experimented with lots of different styles and taught herself new genres and has since joined the PQA theatre school where she does more musical theatre dance.

Tilda began to realise that dancing was something she was good at and with the encouragement of her dance teachers at school, they put her name forward to attend the Dance City workshop.

In school, Tilda has explored contemporary style through the Evolution Dance School, and took part in the Return to the Stage dance showcase earlier this year which she really enjoyed, and this was another incentive for her to pursue her dancing further. She loves expressing herself to hip hop music and is currently working on choreographing a piece for a forthcoming dance competition. She was also successful in her auditions earlier this year to represent the school at the Silverstone Grand Prix next year and the cheerleading squad. Tilda has taken dance next year for GCSE and is so excited by the opportunities she is getting through the school!

Nicola O’Malley, Dance Teacher, said: “Tilda is an exceptional dancer and this comes with determination, creativity, confidence, and excellent technical skills. Tilda has really stood out this year and she has been a pleasure to work with. Tilda has pushed herself in every lesson and has been involved in so many projects this year. We are extremely lucky to have such a talented dancer promoting our department so well and being so versatile in adapting to many styles of dance. Tilda deserves every success within the performing arts industry and working with CAT in Newcastle is just the icing on the cake to allow her to develop even further. Well done Tilda and everyone is so lucky to work with you and your amazing talent.”

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