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The Drama Llamas get set for Halloooooooooween!

16 October 2020  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

Watch out, there’s something spooky about!  The Drama Llamas are getting set for Halloween and there’ll be a treat (or will it be a trick?!) shortly!  Miss Paul runs the group which meets after school each Monday, from 3:40-4:45pm, with between 45-50 students attending each week. All Year 7 students are welcome to come along.

The group is working on a short Horror piece, in the lead up to Halloween, just for fun and to introduce the students to the process of creating a performance as part of a theatre group. The piece has not yet been named, however, its stimulus is based on of a combination of two texts Miss Paul found, one a poem and one a short quote from a popular TV series.

Miss Paul said: “Whilst the texts aren’t ‘scary’ texts, the students have combined their imagination with their character development skills to build tension which has created quite an atmospheric piece so far. At the minute, it is a whole group piece, however, we are constantly building on it and as it is an after-school club, I am allowing the students to make the piece their own and take responsibility for building and contributing their own ideas into the creation of a piece.”

Miss Paul is hoping to film the piece for it to be displayed and shown in a Year 7 tutor time.

After the half-term, the group will begin to create and develop a piece focused around a Christmas theme which will link with the Year 8 and 9’s Drama club. Watch this space!

Miss Paul concluded: “I have loved setting up this club and I look forward to it each week. It is brilliant to see the students’ love and thirst for the subject, we even began the club a week early because none of us could wait!

“Every student that attends is so passionate and enthusiastic in every activity we complete, no matter how minor, which creates a lovely atmosphere and work space to perform in. The students are taking the skills they have learnt during Drama lessons so far and using and developing them to create exciting and engaging characters. It really is a pleasure to watch and be a part of.”

There are also Drama clubs for Year 8 and 9 students – Year 9s can come along on a Tuesday and Year 8s on a Wednesday.  For further information, Year 9 students should contact Miss Heslop and Year 8 students should get in touch with Miss Manning.

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