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The A Team

30 August 2017  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

Ben Rainbow, 18, of Richmond, gained an A* in computer science ranking him in the top 50 in the country, A* in maths and As in further maths and physics, to read computer science at St Chad’s College, Durham, forgoing an offer from Cambridge University. “I’m looking at a career in cyber security which, in the current climate, is definitely going to be a growth area. I’ve always been interested in devices, since I was a child and used to dismantle and rebuild them so my parents didn’t realise they had been broken. I almost didn’t take computer science at GCSE but as soon as I started the course I knew it was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life.”   Tom Lockwood, 18, of Hipswell, secured As in economics, government and politics and RE. He will spend a gap year working in the hospitality industry, has an offer from Lincoln University, but will also look at other philosophy, politics and economics courses. “I would love a career in politics but feel it is important to gain experience of the world of work first. Where better to learn to debate politics, economics and philosophy than from behind the bar of a pub.”   Ollie Carr, 18, of Marrick, Swaledale, gained A*s in maths, physics and chemistry and an A in further maths to read natural science at Cambridge. “I’m a Dalesman and love the outdoors. I would love a career looking at and protecting the environment and studying natural science is the broadest approach to science and a means to do this.”   Thomas Aston, 17, of Richmond, gained an A* in maths, and As in further maths, chemistry and physics to read maths at Durham University. “Even before primary school I was good at maths. I used to line up toys, make patterns and measure angles, which might seem a little strange, but will stand me in good stead to work in a scientific profession.”   Linus Osorio, 18, of Ravensworth, gained four As in maths, further maths, physics and chemistry to read material science and engineering at Sheffield University. “I’m fascinated by the development and improvement of materials, such as super-conductors, aero-gels and model engineering, which are at the cutting edge of technology.”   Caitlin Martin, 18, of Scorton, gained A*s in history, government and politics to read English and history at Leeds University. “There is nothing that history can’t tell you; it has all happened before. The course is really interesting as it includes a bridge dissertation linking the history with the English. I’ll be studying modern American history on the one hand and the romantic poets on the other.”   Jack Richardson, 18, of Londonderry, near Bedale, gained A*s in maths and further maths, As in chemistry and physics to read physics and Birmingham University. “I have always enjoyed taking things part; I started with vacuum cleaners, and making lists and learning the contents by heart. I love particle physics; looking at the universe in minute detail and what happens when you smash particles together.”   Tamsin Nicklas, 18, of Masham, gained As in chemistry, biology and maths to read chemistry at York University, ranked fourth in the country after Oxbridge and Durham for the subject. “I’m interested in medical chemistry, such as developing new cancer drugs. In the meantime, I will also be working at a local pub so perhaps I can work on developing my cocktail skills.”

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