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Talk about Battles of 1914, South of Ypres, Richmondshire Cricket Club on 20th October

09 October 2021  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in: ,

TSean Godfrey, Local World War One History enthusiast and chairman of the Cleveland Branch of the Western Front Association, is giving a talk at Richmondshire Cricket Club at 7:30pm on Wednesday 20th October, about the October/November battles of 1914, South of Ypres. There is no charge for entry, however the organisers do ask adults for a voluntary donation of £3 to help cover costs. The group meet on the third Wednesday of each month and the next meetings are on 17th November and 15th December. On 17th November, Steve Erskine (Green Howards Museum) will talk about “Brigadier Sir David Henderson, Father of the RAF. An ‘unknown’ officer who is more deserving of the title “Father” than more familiar names such as Trenchard”.  The final talk of the year on 15th December will be by Chris Robinson about “The Intelligence War – Spies, Secrets and Sabotage 1914-18, including the birth of MI5 and MI6.”

Sean has been working with Myles Fairhurst, a Year 8 student, to help him to research family members who fought in World War 1, including his Great Grandfather, James McAndrew, who served in the Durham Light Infantry and finished his career in the cavalry.

Impressed by Myles’ passion for World War 1 History and his project to create a film about a lost World War 1 soldier, Sean donated a number of remarkable artefacts to Myles. These included a shrapnel from high explosive shells, the nose cone of an artillery shell, part of the fuse of an artillery shell, the base of an artillery shell, a British Lee Enfield bullet case and a German Mauser.

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