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Sam Worsdale, in Year 7, is an avid animal lover but it is horses that are his passion.  A keen and talented rider, Sam has been riding since he was six and is a member of Bedale West of Yore (BWY) Pony Club. Riding is in his blood – his mum is a riding instructor and trainer, his sister, Emily, competes at an international level, as has his brother Jake. Living on a farm, Sam is very hands on in the care of animals and spends a lot of time looking after his family’s ponies and horses.

Sam rides every day and regularly takes part in national competitions representing BWY Pony Club and Three Valleys Riding Club. He has been competing in 80cm classes but is moving up to 90cm this year. He takes part in one-day events which includes dressage, show jumping and cross country.

Sam said: “Dressage is probably my least favourite discipline as there is so much to remember in the tests and it sometimes feels a bit too perfect! I really enjoy show jumping as I love the speed. However, cross country is my favourite as I’m out on the field which is where I like to be. There is more freedom and it’s great to gallop between the jumps. It is more challenging though, as the jumps are solid but I have full trust in my pony to clear them.”

Sadly, Sam’s family had to make the difficult decision to put his pony, Rolo, down recently.  Sam, has since started to ride Sariska, a 14.2 pony he has on loan and they have quickly developed a great partnership. For the rest of the year, Sam will be attending qualifiers for the 2024 championships.

Jenna Potter, Headteacher, said: “I met with Sam recently and was so impressed with his dedication to his riding and, in particular, to his ambition to become an equine vet.  He is clearly very committed to his sport but also to the welfare of animals and I really admire his determination and drive. We have a number of former students who have gone on to become vets so together with our careers team there is a lot of support for Sam to find out more about subjects to focus on, gaining work experience and how to apply.”

Sam is no stranger to hard work and spends a lot of time mucking out, cleaning tack and looking after the wellbeing of his family’s ponies, as well as helping out on their farm. Sam concluded: “I really love animals and being brought up on a farm has given me a real respect for them.  I would like to work with animals as a career and my aim is to become an equine vet.”

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