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Superb snowmen

18 January 2021  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in: ,

Thank you to the students and staff who sent photographs of their outstanding snowmen – please do enjoy browsing the gallery of photographs which features the fabulous creations by:

SNOW CASTLE by Osea (Year 10) and Lillyanna (Year 8), IGLOO AND SNOWMAN by Joshua (Year 11) and Philippa (Year 9), SNOWMAN by Kirsty (Year 9) and Sophie (Year 7), SNOWMAN by Kyla (Year 8), SNOW DOG by Mrs Farquar, SNOW DINOSAUR by Mr Birdsall, SNOWMAN BY Casey (Year 9), Hollie (Year 7) and Darci (Year 2), SNOWMAN by Chloe (Year 7), IGLOO by Henry (Year 8), SNOWMAN by Mrs O’Malley, SNOWMEN OUTSIDE ON REETH GREEN by Eva (Year 4 – sister of Maddie in Year 8), SNOW ANGELS at Richmond School, SNOWMAN by Mrs Walker and SNOWMAN by Miss Pike and her children.

The effort that has gone into creating the snowmen is fabulous and we really appreciate how cold it must have been!  We were especially impressed with the amount of time that Osea and Lillyanna put into building their amazing snow castle. Osea and Lillyanna’s mum said: “Olea and Lillyanna took a break from their studies yesterday afternoon building this snow castle. Although it never snows in Fiji :), their 11 years in Germany (whilst Dad on Forces posting) have given them a love for snow! It took them a good four hours to build their snow castle and I’m glad it was something they loved doing because it helps a lot in this lockdown. Hope it will put a smile on people’s face during this difficult time!”

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