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Stunning custom-designed jewellery by Holly

15 March 2021  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in: ,

We are most impressed with the custom-designed jewellery that Holly Myers creates. Holly, in Year 12, has a passion for design and fashion and loves experimenting with new ideas and styles. She has found a niche in designing with custom safety pin accessories. We caught up with Holly to find out more about her projects, what inspires her and what her plans are for the future.

“I’ve been interested in fashion and making jewellery for a long time, because of shows such as Project Runway which I would always watch with my sister. I only started to learn how to make jewellery during the first lockdown when I had more free time than usual. I’m inspired by quite a lot of different things but one of the main ones is alternative fashion brands, as well the many small independent companies that are starting their own businesses. As someone who took Business GCSE, I was inspired to look into it. The key styles I like to design are custom safety pin earrings, although I love anything fun and unique!

“I really enjoy working with safety pins as they can make a look more edgy, although I also love to work with tiny toys that you would find in a party bag, they are super fun! Initially my jewellery crafting started off as just presents for friends but then I began to branch out. I now do custom designs via direct message on my Instagram account and I also have a depop, as well as sometimes selling them on my sister’s website. After my A-levels, in Classics, English Language and Media, Studies, I am planning to either go to university to study fashion communication or do an apprenticeship.” Holly Myers, Year 12 student

You can browse Holly’s portfolio on Instagram at Wild Word Jewellery or her depop is @wildwordjewellery.Holly’s sister’s website is Take Care Publishing

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