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Students test prototype for language learning app

21 March 2022  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

Students in Years 7 and 8 have been involved in the testing of the next prototype for ‘Knights of the European Grail’ a language learning App as part of and Erasmus project in association with the Goethe Institut.

Fiona Dutton, Lead Teacher for German, said: “As a Pasch Schule, we are committed to supporting this project which will eventually be released in a wide number of European languages. We were honoured to be selected to assist with the development of the prototype.”

The app is quest-style game set in medieval Europe and learners have to navigate various scenes  by clicking on characters, learning key pieces of vocabulary and following the history.  In order to carry out this testing, the Goethe Institut has loaned the school a number of ipads and tablets that we will be able to use to enhance the learning of German in the classroom.

The testing was a success and students have completed a questionnaire that will feed directly back to the developers. Ms Dutton and Mrs Cheesbrough were very pleased with the detailed feedback given and the way in which the students engaged with the game. Well done to all the students who were involved.


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