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Students taking advantage of the many online work experience opportunities

30 November 2020  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in: ,

We are most impressed with our sixth form students who are working really hard to gain work experience during these challenging times.  Two recent examples are Joely Weston and Josephine Cooper, in Year 13, who have taken advantage of online opportunities with international companies GSK and Coca-Cola.

Joely attended the Coca-Cola European Partners Application Masterclass on 13th November via Zoom and said: “The online masterclass with Coca-Cola European Partners was an amazing opportunity to learn more about the brand itself, application processes and the working world. We learnt about application processes such as video interviews and tips for CV writing, which will be useful when I apply for jobs in the future. Not only video interviews were covered but also the traditional face-to-face interviews where we were told what Coca-Cola as a company would look for in an applicant which is similar for other companies too.  As well as this we were given the chance to ask any questions we had and have discussions with those who ran the masterclass. Overall, the opportunity gave me an insight into the brand of Coca-Cola but I also learnt skills and valuable knowledge which I’ll be able to transfer into application processes in my future career.”

Josephine’s time with GSK, during half-term, was extremely beneficial. Josephine said: “I spent time in production areas at GlaxoSmithKline and 3M as part of their apprenticeship assessment centres. In both I was amazed by the use of computer-integrated manufacturing to efficiently manage supply, production and distribution. The study of A-level Design and Technology has provided an important understanding of theory, but seeing operational areas helped me appreciate the diverse processes required to create everyday items we often take for granted.”


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