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Students share their experiences of the university of oxford

14 October 2021  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in: ,

Following the recent trip to The University of Oxford by twelve students from Richmond, Northallerton and Stokesley Sixth Form Colleges, we were pleased to catch up with Year 13 students Grace and Alex, who, together with Florence and James, were selected for the visit.

Alex said: “After finding out I was one of the few students selected to visit Brasenose College in Oxford, I was very excited to experience college life and the city of Oxford itself as I aspire to study Mathematics there. Upon arrival we were instantly greeted and given a tour of the whole college with some interesting facts along the way. For example, did you know that Brasenose is named after a door knocker that now hangs in the dining hall? We were then led to our individual rooms that had a stunning view overlooking the Radcliffe Camera and the streets of Oxford. What I really enjoyed about the whole trip was that they had planned activities throughout the visit, so we were never left wondering around twiddling thumbs, whether that was a mock lecture or playing giant Jenga! The lectures they had arranged were fascinating; I attended the Physics lecture where the professor discussed how sunstones could be used to locate the sun in a completely overcast sky and that circular polarisation is used by phone companies so users can still see the screen with polarising sunglasses on. Overall, I had a brilliant time and it has inspired me to work harder so that I can study at Oxford.”

Grace said: “I was recently lucky enough to attend a trip to Brasenose College at the University of Oxford with a handful of fellow Year 13s. It was an amazing trip and one which I will hold on to, whether I am lucky enough to study there in the future, or not. Though we were there for only around twenty-four hours we were able to pack in some fantastic experiences, such as a small-scale lecture, tour of some colleges and talks with students and admissions advice. On top of this, we were able to experience what life might be like at the university, from eating in the dining hall to relaxing in the JCR and even staying in our own college room overnight. But it wasn’t just talks on the admissions process, we ventured out to explore some sights of the city, such as the National History Museum, we also enjoyed the evening in college with some rounds of table tennis and a quiz (which I am proud to say we won). Not only did we enjoy some amazing experiences but we were able to meet some lovely people, including fellow applicants and current students.

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