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Students inspired by medical projects careers event

18 May 2021  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in: ,

Ten year 10 students attended a medical projects careers event. All students had expressed an interest in medicine during their Science lessons.  The session was led by a medical student from The University of Manchester, who shared their experiences and went through some of the skills that they had learnt. A practising medic also spoke about their work.  The event, delivered by Google Meet, was facilitated by Ms Mannion, Careers Leader.

The session included a talk about applying to medical school when the medical student from the University of Manchester discussed what to consider before applying and outlined what the application process involves.

The students enjoyed an insight into diagnostics activity when they were taught how to diagnose a patient. They learnt about observations and considered how to take a patient’s history.

During the session on Medical Ethics the students were presented with a real-life medical ethics scenario, and debated how they would react as the situation develops.

Mr Haye, Lead Teacher for Science commented “It is great that we have so many students interested in pursuing a career in medicine and that they are so pro-active in wanting to improve their knowledge and engagement with the profession. This has been a great opportunity for the students at a time where medical careers are so much in the spotlight.”

Following the event, students will be able to post any additional questions on the MCS Projects Ltd Facebook or twitter pages where they will be answered by a medical student. They will also be able to view additional videos of practising medics speaking about their work.

As we are not able to offer work experience this year, the event helped to support the students with their work-related learning and the event was funded through the Careers and Enterprise Company. It was also an excellent way to focus on Careers in the Curriculum which is an essential part of careers education at Richmond School and Sixth Form College.

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