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Students impress with their golfing and design skills

21 July 2021  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in: ,

Fourteen students have enjoyed six weeks of high-quality coaching from Mark Robson of the Graeme Storm Golf Academy, at Richmond Golf Club. Each Thursday, the students had 90 minutes of coaching, and then followed this up in the classroom where they explored different design ideas with the intent of creating their own Golf team name and logo.

The students all contributed with ideas but, after careful deliberation, it was Max Dunne’s design that was chosen by the group. Max’s design was sent to ‘The Golf Foundation’, the project partner, where it was printed onto T-shirts and golf clubs. These were presented to the delighted students in their final week of coaching.

Mrs Carruthers said: “We hope that the new kit and regular coaching has provided the students with a positive experience of golf and that they can use this opportunity to continue playing the sport. The students have really enjoyed their time at the golf club and have worked very hard on their techniques. I have also been very impressed on how well they worked together on the design aspects of the project.”

Delivered by The Golf Foundation’s ‘GoSketch’ initiative, the programme fuses golf and design to encourage young people to access the game, developing new skills, confidence and creativity both on and off the course.

The sessions are designed to make the game accessible providing an introduction to the sport, while the exciting design challenges combine to see each group creating a new team identity.

Thank you to Mark Robson, The Graeme Storm Golf Academy, The Golf Foundation and Richmond Golf Club for their tremendous support.

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