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Students are bowled over with A*s

27 August 2015  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

The trio of top female cricketers won the Yorkshire equivalent of The Ashes by notching up an incredible 22 A*s between them yesterday. The girls, Georgi Sutton-Walker, Mairi Teesdale, and Rosie Brannigan, celebrated their 100 not out with hugs and tears at a joyful results celebration in the School Hall. Georgi, 16 from Barton, scored nine A*s and three As and plans A-levels before heading to university to study veterinary medicine. The girls put Richmond School on the cricket map by winning the National Indoor Cricket Finals last year and Georgi now plays for Richmond Ladies as well as The North Yorkshire squad and the Women’s Development Team. Her dream one day is to play cricket for England and she keeps a close eye on the national cricket team. “My passion for cricket started in primary school and I love playing it. I am thrilled by my results and even more keen to get to university and carry on my cricket ambitions,” she said. Her team mate, Rosie Brannigan, achieved eight A*s and four As, and plays alongside Georgi for Yorkshire and Richmond. She plans to study Biology, Chemistry, Maths and French at Richmond Sixth Form College before university. “It feels great to have done so well and I am really pleased with my results today,” she said. And Mairi Teesdale  got an impressive five A*s and 6As in her results.  Mairi intends to stay on at Richmond to do her A-levels and is planning to do something in the field of Geography in the future. Headteacher Ian Robertson said he could not be more proud of his students at Richmond. He said: “One fifth of all Year 11 students gained five or more A* and A grades. These are a brilliant set of results for students and staff, and today is a credit to all the hard work and dedication of pupils and the team here… I am particularly pleased at the high number of students who achieved really high grades and the progress made by the group overall, especially given the volatility and uncertainty of grades nationally this summer.”

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