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Student praised for stewardship

12 January 2022  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in: ,

Congratulations to Lydia Cooper, in Year 12, who has been recognised in the SFX School Awards.

A former SFX student, Lydia was presented with the Award for Stewardship. The Head of Key Stage 4 at SFX said: “As Head Student Lydia cared for everyone, she was so hard working, so conscientious, her uniform was always immaculate and her manners impeccable and she really was a caring young lady, reliable and a real pleasure to work with. So thank you Lydia for everything you did. She also helped massively when we came across the Valentine’s rose opportunity, normally we would do this; going into classrooms delivering roses, but obviously things were a little bit different throughout KS4 for this year group, so these were designed and delivered virtually, so thank you for all your help with that Lydia.”

Well done Lydia, this is something to be very proud of.

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