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Student leadership goes from strength to strength

05 July 2021  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in: ,

Our student leadership programme is going from strength to strength with the latest development extending the initiative to our Year 7 and 8 students. Please do enjoy the assembly video HERE  which our Year 10 student leaders created and presented. Over the coming weeks, we are inviting each tutor group to choose a student representative. Students wishing to put themselves forward will be asked to give a one-minute speech to their class explaining why they wish to become their tutor group’s representative. The Year 10 students leaders will be present when this happens and help with the selection process. Our Year 9 students will have the opportunity to apply to become student leaders in the first half term of Year 10.

Sam Weston, Lead Learning Manager for Key Stage 4, said: “Expanding the student leadership programme across the whole school is very exciting; we are looking for students who are prepared to become role models by upholding the school values and being the best they can be. The new tutor representatives will have opportunities to contribute to school improvement, participate in student voice and work with other student leaders across the school, and the trust.

“Our Year 10 student leaders are proving to be an imaginative and dynamic group of students who are having an impact across the school, in spite of the challenges posed by Covid-19. They scripted, filmed and edited this assembly themselves.”

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