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Spreading the love for books

19 February 2020  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

Students are feeling the love for books after their school librarian masterminded a Valentine’s Day launch of ‘Blind Date with a Book’, an exciting and fun initiative to develop their interest in reading.

‘Blind Date with a Book’ is an interactive and enjoyable way to tempt students to read a selection of books, with just a hint of what’s inside.  The books are wrapped in brown paper with only a brief description on the tag – the premise is that ‘you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover!’  After choosing their books, the students can unwrap them but they mustn’t be put off by their first impression. They are encouraged to give their book a chance as it may be a slow burner.

Once the students have finished the books, they are invited to return a ‘Rate My Date’ bookmark to give their feedback.  All the bookmarks will be entered into a draw for a mystery, book-related prize.

Running from 14th February until 13th March, the aim of the project is to encourage all students across all year groups to read, with a broad range of fiction books on offer to ensure there is something for everyone. Reece Edwards, a Year 10 student, said: “It’s mysterious and cool at the same time – opening it up and discovering a new book you didn’t know.”

Amanda Farquhar, librarian, commented: “Students are loving ‘Blind Date with a Book’ and I am already struggling to keep up with demand! It’s creating a real buzz. I’m finding that students like the element of mystery and I hope that as many of them as possible have a go at finding their perfect match – even if it means that I end up doing a lot more wrapping!”

Students are always drawn to the school library. It’s a busy (although quiet!) hub with many events taking place and is packed with an extensive selection of books covering a wide range of genres, both fact and fiction.  The next key event is the eagerly-awaited visit of alumnus Jonathan Watts, who is visiting the school on 25th March to talk to students about the launch of his first novel, “Bury Me Where They Fall”.

Jan Montgomery, English Teacher, concluded: ‘The Blind Date with a Book’ initiative is a great way to intrigue and engage young readers. What could be more exciting than unwrapping a parcel to discover hidden treasures inside?”

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