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Sports leaders become ‘Game of our own activators’

14 May 2021  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

Richmond School, as part of the FA Girls Football School Partnership, have provided girls in Year 8 and 9 with the opportunity to be part of the’ Game of our own Activator’ programme. This sports leadership programme involves an online training element to improve sports leadership skills, getting involved in supporting girls’ football at Richmond School and organising an event for girls in National School Sports week (21-25th June 2021).

There are a number of roles that female young leaders can undertake in sports leadership but this programme focuses on two main roles; delivery and marketing.

We understand that some girls may love playing, coaching or refereeing and therefore a ‘delivery’ leadership role is ideal for them. Other girls may prefer organising an event, designing posters or social media campaigns to advertise events or write a report to put in the newsletter and share on social media to raise the profile of girls’ football. These girls will be suited to a ‘marketing’ leadership role.

The programme was shared with all girls in Years 8 and 9 and all interested pupils were invited to apply. We received a large number of entries and selected 13 students to start the training. They attended a live launch where they were inspired to start their sports leadership journey. The girls now have a further three hours of training to complete before they decide on their plans for National School Sports Week.

Lynsey Carruthers, PE Teacher, said: “The girls were really focused throughout the workshop and created some outstanding materials. They all have a very keen interest in sport and I was very impressed with how well they worked together in their teams. I am really looking forward to the next stage of the programme and can’t wait to share their ideas for National Sports Week.”

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