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Sport Matters for Matty Short

21 June 2021  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

We were delighted to chat to Matty Short, alumnus, who has been passionate about sport since being given his football shirt for his 5th birthday. Matty tells us why sport is so important to him as a hobby and also for his future career plans. Some of you may remember Matty from his time at school and college but you may also know him from his work with our community sport activities.

When did you first become interested in sport?

I can’t quite remember when I first became interested in sport, however I recollect getting my first football shirt bought for my fifth birthday. I then didn’t start playing football until the age of eight, attending 2Dales Junior football club in Reeth. I gradually began to play more and more going through the different age groups.

What is your favourite sport to play/take part in?

The main sport in which I played whilst growing up was football, due to accessibility of other sports. However, over the years, I haven’t hesitated to give any other sports a go. But I would still have to say that football is my favourite sport.

When you were at Richmond School and Sixth Form College did you play in any teams and what did you get out of this?

I played in a number of the sports teams, such as the football, rugby and cricket teams. I took away many good memories from playing with some of my closest friends, as well as representing the school in sports that I have loved, in addition to receiving the opportunity to represent the area in football.

When did you decide you wanted to pursue a career in the field of sport?

My interest to look further into sport began whilst at secondary school, where I had aspirations to go into sports physiotherapy, in the hope to help other people. However, as I have progressed through my university course this plan has changed – I would like to link two areas of interests together, that being sport and the business operations behind sport.

After sixth form where did you study and what was your course?

I currently attend Sheffield Hallam University where I have just finished my second year of studying Sport and Exercise Science. I then hope to move onto Northumbria University to study Sports Business Management as a postgraduate degree,

Tell us about your time working at Richmond School Community Sport?

I have worked at RCS for the past three years now, and throughout this time I have gained plenty of valuable experience and opportunities to enhance my learning even more. I have also met many great customers, talented sports performers and work colleagues. It has allowed me to gain a further insight in to the operational side of how sports facilities run, as well as how different sports clubs are conducted, seeing what works well and what doesn’t.

What impact has sport had on your life?

Sport has played a massive role in my life, as it has helped to set a career path that I can work towards. Because without this, I would not really have an idea with what I would pursue a career in. It has allowed me to make great friendships.

An finally, I love sport because………

I love sport because it allows for communities to be brought together under many different circumstances, also allowing future development of skills and fitness no matter what age.

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