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Sixth Form students expand knowledge with Biology Masterclass

22 March 2021  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in: ,

Seven A-level Biologists have been attending the Royal Holloway University of London’s Biology Masterclass. Every Tuesday evening, for the past two months, until the end of March, the students have attended online lectures by staff from the university’s Biology department. The students will then have the option to complete a project of their choice on a Biology topic and enter it into the Masterclass competition. Rob Haye, Lead Teacher for Science, said: “This is a really good way for students to expand their Biology knowledge as well as listen to university researchers talk about their fields of expertise. They are gaining a huge amount from this opportunity and we are hugely appreciative to the experts at Royal Holloway for giving up their time to enable our students to have this fantastic experience. All from the comfort of home!”

Jack Galpin, Year 12 student, added: The Biology masterclass has been consistently fascinating with talks that allow us to contextualise our knowledge learnt in lessons, while allowing us to truly appreciate a future that was previously incomprehensible. Every topic is delivered from an expert in the field, meaning all questions can be answered with impeccable detail. We have covered many interesting topics spanning from the Biology of cancer to uses of genetics, to the wonderfully intricate simplicity of bees. Remarkably, despite the vastness of the topics, all talks have stemmed from our base A-level knowledge, however they managed to delve into exceptional detail allowing us to admire how entwined every topic in Biology is, and how exceedingly important collaboration in science is.”

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