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Sixth form mental health assembly

15 October 2021  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in: ,

Following this week’s World Mental Health Day, Ms Richardson presented an assembly to our sixth form students which was very well received.

Ms Richardson said: “I used the NHS Digital statistic that the number of young people with a mental health problem has risen to 1 in 6 as a basis and reminded students that we all have mental health but we don’t all develop mental problems even with the recent increase.

“We looked at the mental health staircase – strong mental health at the top and mental disorders at the bottom. In reality, we all move up and down the staircase each day.
MIND, the mental health charity, has a slogan to “do one thing”, so I talked through seven things I thought might help our young people and asked them to consider doing one of them to help themselves or someone they know. Talking about mental health is the most important.”
Ms Richardson’s presentation can be viewed HERE.

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