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Back in July, we received this news from the Goethe-Institut:

Two Year 9 students, Emmy Raggett and Lily-Mae Mcafferty have both successfully secured places at a German language and football camp in Germany this October. 

This was some background information about the trip and the students, in July:

As a Pasch school, students are given opportunities to apply for exciting courses in Germany and both girls wrote very convincing motivation letters. 

Emmy and Lily-Mae will be studying German at GCSE level next year and are also keen footballers, so the course should benefit them immensely. The week-long course will involve football training at the famous St Pauli stadium in Hamburg as well as language lessons and cultural activities as part of an international group of young people. Both girls are very excited about the trip!

The photo attached to this post is of the two students after they had found out their applications had been accepted. I’m sure you’ll agree, they really do look excited!?

The summer passed and Year 9 students became Year 10 students, but the trip finally happened this October half term. We caught up with the students and Ms. Dutton, Lead Teacher of German, to find out how the trip went.

Firstly, a report from Emmy and Lily-Mae:

“On the 21st October, Emmy and Lily flew completely solo* to Germany for a week-long football camp in Hamburg. 

We had the best time in Germany from learning German culture to playing football and making new friends from across Europe. In the afternoons, we were spoiled with a variety of activities such as a tour around St. Pauli Stadium, swimming, tree trekking / GoApe, a blind expedition in Hamburg centre, shopping in Hamburg, a photography tour of the beautiful city and watching a home game at St Pauli! 

We also loved the two hours of football we played every morning from St. Pauli coaches, Philip and Louise. On our final day of training we played a huge tournament all morning to show off our new skills and bring the week to a fun finish. 

We made some new lifelong friends  who we bonded quickly with from Scotland, Ireland, Germany and the Netherlands. This trip really helped develop our German and encouraged us to continue German more fluently and learn new languages.

Overall, we would 100% recommend this trip for life long memories and an amazing experience and we are both very grateful for this opportunity provided for us!”

*We confirmed that there was a pilot in the plane.

Emmy and Lily-Mae also took the time and effort to produce this brilliant video / photo report of their trip:

Ms. Dutton had this to say: “Richmond School is proud to be part of the international network of Pasch schools which are schools that aim to awaken and enthuse German learners in Germany and in the learning of German. 

Through this network Richmond School students take part in a number of activities throughout the year, have access to up to date online resources as well as the possibility to apply for places on prestigious courses in Germany. 

This year four Richmond school students have successfully applied for grants and taken part in week long football and German courses in Hamburg. In May this year Victor Vaidos and Luke Millar, two sixth form students, enjoyed the week in Hamburg and I was absolutely delighted that our two year 10 students Emmy and Lily-Mae had an equally successful time.

Students  of German should check their Google classroom streams for Pasch activities that they can take part in or simply ask their German teacher.

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