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Richmond Rotary Club Trust Educational/training grants for young people

08 July 2021  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

We are pleased to share this information about educational and/or training grants for young people from Richmond (Yorkshire) Rotary Club Trust (next closing date is 30th September 2021)

At the heart of Richmond Rotary’s Activities is the desire to support young people as they set out on further education, and their early careers. A grant from the Richmond Rotary Trust is one very practical way to provide this support. The Trust offers grants to students and young workers under the age of 23 to help them progress their careers. This may be to fund materials for learning, work related resources, or access to training not provided free at source.

These twice-yearly grants generally vary in size up to £500, depending upon need. Students and young workers are asked access details, and to complete the form on the Rotary Club of Richmond, North Yorkshire website HERE

Applications should be submitted online by the 30th of September and 31st of March respectively. Funds are limited annually, so the trust will assess the strength of each application. The size of the allocation will vary according to demand and need, and the number of grants provided will also be thus limited. It will therefore be unlikely we can support every application.

Where grants are made, the Rotary Club will welcome feedback from successful applicants about how the funds helped them achieve their aims. In certain circumstances some applicants like to feedback their experiences in person to the Club.

In the recent pandemic many different needs have arisen, and the Rotary Club members hope to be especially helpful at this difficult time.

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