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PE staff set the bar high with their loo-roll challenge!

13 May 2020  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

PE students have delivered exceptionally creative work after being inspired with the sporting activities of the PE department. On the final day that Richmond School was officially open, the remaining teachers in the PE department decided to get a bit creative with some toilet roll. Various different sports and physical activities were re-enacted in a bid to inspire students to get active and have some fun at home using everyday items during the Easter holidays. The PE staff certainly had fun that day – please check out the video here

The students responded in style, coming up with a whole host of creative ideas submitted via video, photo and anecdote. The Denton family showed off their hand-eye coordination playing toilet roll volleyball, with a rather clever slo-mo of their spectacular skills. Rhys Atkins (Year7) and Jacob Wharton (Year 8) both set up ten pin bowling in their living rooms using water bottles for pins and a bowling ball made from a ball of socks.

The Aston family got some target practice in using a mars bar and a colander and Year 7 student, Izbel Suleyman did some weightlifting with tins of beans and used a fish slice to play badminton with a toilet roll. Siblings Henry Wright (Year 7) and Elsa Wright (Year 8) submitted a series of videos where they used a toilet roll to practice their football kicking, tennis keepy-uppies and catching skills using a crazy catch rebounder. Finally, Year 7 student Ellie Hughes, along with former Richmond School student and big brother Matthew Short, set up an impressive make-shift gym in their garage which include a terrific heavy-lat pulldown machine made from some rope and a bucket of tinned cat food. Top marks for creativity everyone!

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