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One Year on….. a time for reflection

23 March 2021  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

Today marks the anniversary of the UK’s first Covid lockdown. It has been a challenging year for everyone, but what has been constant throughout the twelve months in our school and college family is the unfaltering sense of community spirit, the care and kindness shown for each other and the determination to get through this difficult period of our lives.

We hope you will take a few moments to browse through our image montage video at ONE YEAR ON and spare some time for reflection – to remember those who are no longer with us, those who have suffered through ill health or other difficulties, and to continue to support friends and family who are coping with all of this.

It is also a time to appreciate the good that has come out of this unprecedented situation, how our students have shown such immense resilience, doing amazing things in their communities and continuing to be the best they can be in spite of the goalposts changing, often at short notice.

Although there may still be tough times ahead, as we continue to see the Covid testing and vaccination programme rolled out, and the gradual lifting of lockdown restrictions, we are looking forward to regaining more normality to life at school and sixth form. We thank our students, staff, parents, carers, alumni, governors and everyone who has a fondness for Richmond School and Sixth Form College for their ongoing support. Jenna Potter, Headteacher

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