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New Author brings fun to the library with Loki

31 March 2022  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

We are pleased to introduce a new author to our library. Loki is written and illustrated by Louie Stowell and we think it  is going to be a hit with many of our students. Mrs Farquhar, librarian, said: “Loki is in the form of a diary, with lots of cartoons and doodles and will appeal to fans of Wimpy Kid and Tom Gates’ books.  It’s very visually appealing and students who are put off by pages of unbroken text will find this a less-daunting read. It’s a funny and witty book with an intriguing storyline. Students will be hooked as they read about Loki’s escapades and wonder if he can ever change his personality and become a nicer person or if he is doomed to eternal damnation.”

The plot follows the story of Loki, the troublesome Norse god, who has been causing mayhem in Asgard, home of the gods. As punishment, Odin, the most powerful god, turns Loki into a weedy 11-year-old boy, banishes him to Earth and gives him a month to change his attitude. If he shows moral improvement, he will be allowed to return to Asgard; if not, he faces eternal torture involving snakes. On Earth, Loki is forbidden from using his powers and is forced to write a diary so that Odin can keep track of him.  The diary is magical and only allows Loki to tell the truth, rather than his usual lies. This book is Loki’s diary of his time on Earth, as he pretends to be schoolboy and tries to get back into Odin’s good books.

Loki is published by Walker Books where Alice Dawes, a former student, works as an editorial assistant.  We are most grateful to Walker Books for kindly providing Loki bookmarks, activity sheets and the poster.


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