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Never give up on your dream

03 November 2020  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

Laura Smith is proof that you should follow your dream and never give up. When many would have looked for an easier option, Laura remained steadfast, determined to become a midwife.  We are thrilled to share the news that Laura, a former student, has graduated with a First Class Honours in Midwifery.

Laura’s pathway to midwifery began when her family moved to the area from Germany and she applied to Richmond Sixth Form College.  Ms Johnson, Assistant Headteacher, said: “Laura joined us after studying abroad, so it was a big step for her to join Sixth Form not knowing anyone from our school or our feeder schools. However, from the start, I knew there was something about Laura that convinced me she would succeed and my gut feeling proved to be right!”

Laura had set the bar high, she worked very hard, but it was tough for her as the grades for midwifery were much higher than nursing. She was most appreciative of the support from Ms Johnson and Ms Mannion who helped with her university application and interview practice. Laura was thrilled to be offered a place to study midwifery, but then just missed out on the grades.

Friends were suggesting she should settle for nursing as it wasn’t so competitive and would be less challenging for her. Not giving up, still focused and determined, Laura went to Darlington College and studied Applied Science for two years. Ms Johnson continued to support her with her interview technique and she was offered a place at Nottingham University. Sheffield Hallam also gave her an offer, but deferred to the following year. Sheffield was Laura’s first choice, and although it was a difficult decision to wait a year, Laura knew Sheffield was where she really wanted to go.  She took a job working at the Black Lion in Richmond and then headed off to university at the age of 21.  Laura had just finished her second year when one of her lecturers suggested she should have a dyslexia test, which diagnosed her with mild dyslexia.  This was something else that Laura had unknowingly coped with throughout her education and another hurdle to overcome in her quest to become a midwife.

Julie Smith, Laura’s mum, said: “We can’t thank the staff at Richmond Sixth Form College enough who were so supportive of Laura, however I must single out Ms Johnson and Ms Mannion who gave 100% commitment to helping Laura with practice interviews and building her confidence.  They really believed in Laura and nothing was ever too much trouble, they always made time for her even though I knew how incredibly busy they were.”

While working as a student midwife, a patient said the following about the care Laura gave her: “Laura made a real difference, I felt safe, confident and in control. When I thought I couldn’t do it, Laura talked through it beautifully. Amazing woman!”

We are extremely proud of Laura and everything she has achieved and congratulate her on graduating as a Bachelor of Science in Midwifery with First Class Honours.  She has just started her first job as a midwife at Doncaster’s Women’s hospital and is loving every minute.

Laura is an inspiration to anyone who has a dream, and is proof that with sheer determination and commitment, and a little more time, a dream can come true.

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