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NCS students praised for their work

27 September 2021  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

We have been most impressed with our students who took part in and successfully completed the NCS programme this year. They worked incredibly hard and delivered some fabulous projects in our community. One of the group’s leaders has been in touch with the lovely message below, to say how kind, caring and helpful our students were. We are so proud of them!

“I just wanted to say what a credit your students were to yourself and the school. As a senior manager at another school, I know how challenging the last year has been for this Year 11 cohort and so I wanted to help them enjoy their summer. I have to say that working with your students surpassed all expectations I had of undertaking this summer work: they were incredibly kind, compassionate and eloquent. They had a real desire to help their community and all stepped out of their comfort zones to engage local people in their cause.


“They spoke highly of the school, but their demeanour and approach to challenges spoke volumes about how your school community has enabled them to develop into confident and caring young people who fly in the face of all the negative press teenagers are so unfairly linked to. Amazing!”

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