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National Careers week focus on the Travel and Tourism industry

07 March 2022  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

National Careers Week is always a big event at Richmond School and Sixth Form College. For 2022, we have chosen to focus on the Travel and Tourism industry – both home and abroad. This has stemmed from two years of the pandemic when holidays seemed like an impossibility. We are very excited to welcome so many businesses into our school. These encounters with employers really help to inspire our students to learn about a variety of careers.

This morning’s Year 12 assembly was with Rachel Makin from The University of Sunderland. Rachel is a Postgraduate Academic Assistant in Tourism and her role involves teaching undergraduate courses in Tourism, Hospitality and Events, while also studying part-time for her PhD.  Her research focuses on the use of augmented reality in cultural heritage sites. She undertook her undergraduate degree in Tourism Management at the University of Teesside, before gaining extensive industry experience working in marketing and events management in the heritage attractions sector. You can find out more HERE.

This morning’s Year 8 assembly was with Ms Mannion who talked about linking school subjects to careers and her own experience, as before becoming a teacher, Ms Mannion worked abroad for Inlingua Languages, teaching English in Valencia, Spain. She also worked as Recruitment Manager for Eurostar UK, recruiting international train drivers. In addition, Ms Mannion looked at the changing role of technology at work and how this links to employability skills. She has helped students explore apprenticeships through sharing information about the Year 11 leavers from last year (Saks and Swale Scaffolding)

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