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Miss Hamer’s support for Year 11 students who are considering an apprenticeship

09 February 2021  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

Miss Hamer, our Careers Adviser who works closely with Ms Mannion, our Careers Leader is very excited about Apprenticeship Week, as it helps to raise awareness of the importance and value of apprenticeships to our students.  Miss Hamer is supporting our Year 11 students who are applying for apprenticeships and helping with CVs, and letter and interview preparation. We were delighted to catch up with Miss Hamer to find out more about her work, the expert guidance she gives our students and why she believes apprenticeships are a great career choice.

“I’m pleased to be able to support all our students who are hoping to secure an apprenticeship this year. Apprenticeships are a fantastic way for students to achieve a qualification whilst gaining valuable work experience, with the additional bonus of being paid to do so!

“Any student who expresses an interest in apprenticeships during their one-to-one careers meeting is referred to the website FIND AN APPRENTICESHIP   and shown how they can create an account, search, and apply for roles. We also discuss the benefits of being proactive and contacting businesses they would like to work for to ask if they will be taking on apprentices and, if so, how they can apply.

“We also support the students in putting together CVs and covering letters – we have posted templates onto the Careers Google classrooms that they can use, and also give one-to-one help to do this for those students that need it.

“As a careers team, we have a network of local employers with whom we work directly to secure opportunities for our students, and we are building on this all the time in order to offer more to our students in the future. Despite the current situation, there are still many employers who are taking on young people in apprenticeship roles. The more relationships we can build as a school with these businesses, the more opportunities we will be able to provide for our students. Once the situation allows, we will be working with many of these local employers to provide insights into the world of work through assemblies, workshops and employer meetings.

“It is a truly rewarding experience to support students from their initial interest in an apprenticeship, through the application process, including visits to employers where possible, and finally to see them offered an opportunity to start a fulfilling career.”

Miss Hamer, Careers Adviser

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