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Matty triumphs in two national youth cycling races

15 September 2021  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

A talented and tenacious young cyclist is proving to be among the best-in-class in the country after being crowned the champion of the National Youth Time Trials and winning the last round of the National Circuit Series.

Matty Cole, a Year 12 student, scooped the Time Trials trophy after coming in first at the 10 mile race at Mallory Park Motor Circuit in just 20:23 minutes on 4th September.  Sixteen-year-old Matty then went on to win the final round of the National Circuit Series in Fife on 12th September.  These amazing triumphs and personal bests for Matty signal an amazing end to an incredibly successful year.

After a long winter’s training, because of a delayed start to the season due to Covid restrictions, Matty raced in some smaller regional races in the Middlesbrough and Lancaster area and picked up a few podiums, as well as some junior course records and wins in Time Trials of 10 and 25 miles. In spite of some setbacks, including a crash in the peloton in round 2 of the National Youth Series Race and being diagnosed with extreme fatigue, Matty proved his mettle and was quickly back in the saddle.   In the final weekend race at Fife, Matty  won the 2-mile opening Time Trial by just a few milliseconds, going on to win Stage 2 as well from a 2-man breakaway 24 seconds ahead of the peloton. This allowed him to go on and win the overall race from the full weekend after chasing attacks and defending his lead in the final two races on Sunday

Jenna Potter, Headteacher, said: “Matty’s determination and commitment are unbelievable. He has pulled himself back to peak performance after injury and through his resilience has scooped not one, but two national triumphs! I am so proud of his achievements and I can’t wait to hear how he does next year. I am in no doubt that he will continue to succeed and will fulfil his ambition of racing professionally.”

For the National Circuit Series Matty races for Triology Man Health Team, a local company run by Andy Sedgwick based at Ellerton near Scorton and for his National Times Trials he races for Team Bottrill from Nottingham. He is also a member of British Cycling and during the winter months, Matty competes in Cyclo Cross event, another part of his pathway to becoming a professional cyclist.

Matty is exceptionally dedicated to his sport and trains between one and four hours every day, including long rides up and down the Dales, attending British Cycling Development Training Sessions and setting up his bike on the Turbo Trainer.

Matty said: “I have been passionate about cycling from an early age and I can’t imagine my life without it. I am very proud and thankful to take my first two stage wins and overall general classification win at national level, as well as the National Youth Cycling Time Trial Championship. I am really looking forward to getting a good winter’s training for next year where I will move up an age group, the races are harder and longer!  I spend a lot of time on the bike and everything I do goes towards it, hopefully it will all pay off in the near future!”

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