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Maths Challenge

22 December 2017  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

Number crunchers have calculated the value of maths to their future success thanks to a day of digits at their school. Year 7 students at Richmond School and Sixth Form College spent a day off timetable to devote their brain power to numbers. A host of activities were designed to make maths fun and show the Year 7s how the subject can be applied to real-life. Students spent the day constructing giant tetrahedrons from canes and elastic bands, making origami boxes, completing computer number puzzles and cracking codes. Head of maths Scott Lunn said: “Primarily the day is to show the students that maths can be fun. Building their confidence and enjoyment in the subject at this stage helps them appreciate its value and promotes the importance of STEM subjects. “The exercises also involve them working in teams with students they may not know very well. So it helps to develop their leadership, communication and team-building skills, as well as problem-solving and being able to absorb and follow instructions.” The summer saw the school’s GCSE and A Level students shine as they secured some of the best maths results on record. Mr Lunn said: “It is also great to note that the pupils coming to us from our partner primary schools are stronger and stronger every year which allows us to really stretch our students. “This is an indication that the maths work we do with Years 5 and 6 is worthwhile and reaping dividends. Today is about having fun with the maths they will apply in so many ways when they are older.”

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