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Magnificent Seven raise £224 for planting trees at Richmond School

17 December 2021  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

A group of seven students, who are part of the Achieve Club, organised a raffle of high-quality hampers and have raised £224 for planting trees on the school site.  The winners of the raffle included: Mr Dalgleish, Mr Potter, Sophie Tarran, Isla Simpson, Ariella Barrett and Murray Duncan in Year 10, who was delighted to pick up two prizes!

The Achieve Club meets each week and the programme aims to support young people improve their self-confidence, wellbeing and develop resilience. The programme is run jointly by North Yorkshire Sport, James Kirton (a retired Olympic athlete) and Richmond School. Using sport and activity, the programme develops aspiration and motivation, whilst supporting the students to create a brighter future for themselves. The programme will develop essential life skills and build on local opportunities within the community. The club started in September and the students have worked hard to produce this social action project which culminated in their raffle. The students are delighted that the money raised will fund the planting of trees on the school site.

Lynsey Carruthers, PE teacher and leader of the Achieve Group, said: “The students have worked so hard throughout the term and should be very proud of what they have achieved. It is fantastic that their raffle raised so much money and the students can’t wait to see their trees being planted in the New Year.”

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