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Lily teaches herself Korean during lockdown

16 June 2020  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

Congratulations to Lily Clarkson, in Year 10, on successfully completing a basic course in Korean.  In two weeks, Lily has learnt greetings, how to tell the time and to count, as well as many useful day-to-day phrases.  Lily was inspired to do the online course, offered by Yonsei University, in South Korea, through the website Cousera.  She came across the course when she was looking at MOOCs on Unifrog and decided to apply for it.

Lily said: “I chose Korean because I love Asian culture, food and music, and so decided to learn an Asian language. Out of Chinese, Japanese, Korean and many other Asian languages Korean has the easiest alphabet and was a good one to begin with. I was more curious about it at first, but now I really love the language and have learnt a lot about the culture whilst studying it.

“At school, I learn French. Out of school, Korean is the only language I study seriously, however, I love picking up languages from watching TV shows from different countries. I have learnt some Chinese and Japanese in this way. I hope to continue my study of Korean at university, as well as other Asian languages. I would love to travel and wish to eventually make a career using my languages, possibly teaching English as a foreign language.”

The course is self-paced and Lily completed it in two weeks. Before starting the course, Lily had been using the Talk to me in Korean website to study by herself.

MOOCs are online courses and offer a great way to develop skills and knowledge to enhance learning and Unifrog is a helpful search tool for matching students to a MOOC.

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