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Let’s grow in British Science Week with exciting competition opportunity!

11 March 2022  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

Each year, the British Science Association celebrate Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths with British Science Week. Over ten days, from 11th-20 March, people from all over the UK will take part in events and activities to develop their skills in these areas. This year’s theme is ‘growth’ and aims to encourage people to think about STEM all around us.

Why not enter the British Science Assoication’s national competition to design a poster (hand drawn or digital) to illustrate your ideas about growth? The judges are looking for – Creativity in approach – Content – Effective communication

The competition is for students in Years 7 to 9 and your poster can be A4 or A3 size.  It needs your first name and the word “senior”.  You can work in groups. Students should hand their masterpieces to Miss Weir (or their Science teacher) not later than Friday 25th March.

There are so many examples of growth in our everyday lives which are presented in Miss Weir’s fantastic assembly here.  What are your views on growth? Could it be the lifecycle of an organism?  Could it be how population growth is affecting the planet?  Could it be the growth of technology or the economy?

Miss Weir said: “British Science Week has been around since 1994 and it is a celebration of all the STEM subjects.  It is to encourage people to think about and get involved with STEM subjects, especially Science.  One of the aims of the British Science Week is to challenge the stereotypes around scientists and working in Science. Science is the way we try to understand the world around us and answer the questions we all have.  That is why I studied Science. Science gave me a way to answer the questions I had about the world around me.

“This Science week, we are looking at growth from the very big to the microscopic.  We will look at how the human population has grown over time and the impact that science has had on this growth.  The students will be amazed to learn how much the global population has increased especially when they discover that it has almost doubled in my lifetime.  We will also look at the opportunities Science allows students to meet the demands of our population and that there may be jobs for them that do not exist yet.

“I am always excited to be involved with British Science Week in school.  It would be amazing if students participated by taking part in the poster competition or looking at the resources online for ideas of activities to do at home.”


Further information about British Science Week can be found here.

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