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Leading Urban Pop Duo deliver interactive mental health assembly

20 May 2022  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in: ,

We had the pleasure of welcoming a duo known as ‘He knows, She Knows’ to our school for a mental health assembly which was delivered to our Year 8, 9 and 10 students.

In April 2017, He Knows, She Knows was born, an Urban Pop Duo made up of Rapper/Producer Silvar Laidlow and Lead Vocalist Sharna Laidlow. They hit the headlines for getting engaged after a performance on the X Factor which amassed over 30,000,000 million views worldwide across social media platforms and gained them a following from around the world.

2019 saw the duo taking the brand to new territory, touring Japan and performing at the prestigious Kansai Music Conference. They also won the best original artist award in 2021 at the National Entertainment awards and will be releasing their debut album next year. They have both had their own struggles with mental health/body image and discrimination growing up so are the perfect advocates to deliver such a positive message to young people all over the UK. Please find  links below to some of their music videos;

He Knows, She Knows show reel

He Knows, She Knows Rockaby/Gold Digger

From start to finish, they had the year groups hooked with showcasing their talent and sharing their personal experiences around Mental Health, Body Image, and Discrimination. The students took several key messages home with them. Some that stood out were to be kind to others, love yourself, and tips on dealing with mental health such as; healthy eating, exercise, and a good sleep pattern.

They encouraged students to consider what their ‘coping mechanism’ was alongside talking to those they trusted – theirs were writing poems and lyrics. They performed four songs and made it very interactive to promote positivity, engagement and fun. They also responded well to students’ questions and offered tips on ways to manage stress such as; writing up a timetable for chores/free time at home, studying in a quiet room to avoid distractions, and having regular breaks. Overall, this was extremely beneficial to those who suffer from the topics explored and helped to raise awareness. It was lovely to see a positive reaction from the year groups. Some comments from the students were ‘OMG, I know them from TikTok, they are amazing’, ‘That was the best assembly’, ‘I didn’t want the assembly to end’. ‘I’m glad we missed a lesson for this’, ‘Can I get a picture?’.

He Knows, She Knows are going to be touring their concert in November and are planning on writing a book to help those suffering from Mental Health. They will be performing in Gateshead on 17th November – Link for tickets to their show in Gateshead on 17th November 

You can follow the duo on facebook and instagram.

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