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Jude placed fourth in cumbrian karting championship

23 November 2021  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

Following a break of a couple of months to follow Matty, his elite-level cyclist brother, Jude Cole, in Year 10, is rapidly gaining pace on the track.

He recently competed in the fourth round of the Cumbrian Kart Club Championship. As the weather forecast was uncertain, Jude’s Kart was left ‘hanging’ on the Friday evening, so it could be set up on the Saturday morning when the conditions could be assessed. The track was wet and all went well with the first session when Jude raced with some different compound of tyres on for better grip – these are better for water clearance when the conditions are wet. The qualifying was on the Saturday evening under floodlights which made for an interesting drive as was harder to corner with reduced visibility.  Jude qualified in third and started in third position in heat 1 on Sunday, after three laps practising where he kept up to pace with the front runners. The track started to dry out for heat 1 and Jude finished in tenth, after getting tied up in two crashes.  As the race went on to heat 2, Jude took a gamble and changed to slicks rather than wet tyres as the track was starting to dry out, and he came in 10th again. However, although this put Jude back in the pack and he had to make up a lot of ground, moving to slicks proved to be a good decision as in the final the track was dry and this enabled Jude to gain some momentum and get his pace back, and he came in fourth.

Jude has completed four out of six rounds in the championship and has been placed fourth overall – a fabulous effort Jude, keep up the good work!

Jude is now looking forward to racing in the Winter Series from December through to March 2022 where he will be moving into the senior class.

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